Pas de Poisson (Original) | Bonne Appetit (series)


Original (1 of 1)

Size: 36 in x 36 in
Materials: Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas, Matte-Semi-gloss finish.

Currently on view at the Economist in Denver, Colorado, until October 2nd, 2020.

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Bonne Appetit (series).


'When I was little, I did not like fish"

finding meaning in art is a reflection of one's own past, vibrations, and reality.

In regards to the past, I've realized more and more in meditation that the links to my past are as much linked to my sense of smell than they are to anything else. When I've looked for inspiration by trying to re-live parts of my childhood, I've found myself time and time again at the dinner table....or around food, and not just any kind of food, but congolese dishes. Some more exotic than others, but Tompson, Tilapia, and at times Catfish were staples....My clothes, my room, the house...My school books...FISH FISH FISH. I hated fish.

But that was when I was little. Now that fish is the connection to my past.

as you grow I guess you have let some ideas sail away, with some remnants of some reminders of all that has brought you to the present.

I love fish.